The production site

Brussels at a glance

Audi has acquired an ideal European production site in taking on the Belgian plant. The year 2010 saw 50,000 units of the Audi A1 leaving the production lines here – built by a highly qualified, highly motivated team.

Important role within the Audi Group: when volume production of the Audi A1 started in May 2010, the Brussels plant assumed the lead role in building its very own model – the first time the plant had done so in over 60 years in existence.

Tradition and modernity

The history of car manufacturing in Brussels stretches back to the year 1949. Five years after the establishment of the plant “Anciens Etablissements D’Ieteren Frères”, production of the VW Beetle on behalf of Volkswagen started – with 1.1 million units of this car built in total. In 1970, Volkswagen AG took over and modernised the plant, building a total of around 6.5 million cars there up until 2006. The plant was taken over by AUDI AG in 2007, since when it has operated under the name of AUDI BRUSSELS S.A./N.V.

Production – on course for growth

The daily capacity exclusively for building the Audi A1 is up to 520 units – the ideal basis for dynamic growth for the brand. The entire production process has been optimised in line with the Audi Production System (APS) with a view to making this one of the most efficient locations in the Volkswagen Group. Since 2009 there has been a dedicated Pre-Series Centre (VSC) to promote the integration of the Production and Technical Development areas – a key aspect of quality assurance for the Audi A1.

Automotive Park – the logistics and supplier centre

The “Automotive Park”, established in 2005, is located in the immediate vicinity of the present Audi plant. The modern logistics and supply centre guarantees highly efficient production processes that create added value for Audi. A direct link to the production halls by bridge keeps the supply of materials flowing smoothly. Each day, road trucks and rail wagons deliver 4,800 item numbers from more than 760 suppliers to the production lines.

Sustainability and environmental protection

Very high environmental protection standards likewise apply at the Audi Brussels site. The plant once again received an award from the Brussels region as an “Ecodynamic Company” in 2010, obtaining the regional environmental certificate’s maximum possible score of three stars. Since 2001, the Brussels site has furthermore been certified each year in accordance with the Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) run by the European Commission.

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