The production site

Changchun at a glance

The oldest and largest automotive company in China, First Automobile Works (FAW), builds the Audi A4L, Audi A6L and Audi Q5 car lines for the Chinese market. Record tally: almost 210,000 locally built Audi vehicles left the Changchun production line in 2010 – an increase of 47 % on the previous year.

First Automobile Works (FAW) was established in 1953 and comprises over 100 individual companies, which between them have more than 100,000 employees. The first partnerships with Volkswagen AG date back to 1988. A joint venture was established in 1991, with AUDI AG entering as a partner four years later – since then the group has held 10 % of the shares of FAW-Volkswagen Automotive Ltd.

Production – state-of-the-art automotive and manufacturing technology

The first Audi product built by the joint venture, an Audi 100 with V6 engine, went into production in May 1996 badged as an Audi 200. A version of the Audi A6 modified jointly by Audi and FAW for the Chinese market then followed in 2000. To build it, Audi shipped ultramodern automotive and production technology, such as laser welding and wax-flooding, to China. Extended wheelbase: the new long-wheelbase version Audi A6L appeared on the Chinese market in mid-2005.

Local production for the local market

The Audi A4, too, has been built in Changchun since 2003. The Audi A4L joined it at the start of 2009 – a new product in the upper midsize category. A third Audi model, the Audi Q5, has been built locally in China since autumn 2009. With a market share of around 34 %, Audi again retained its position as market leader of the Chinese premium segment.

Sustainability and environmental protection

The Audi Production System (APS) has likewise been used intensively in recent years at the Changchun production site to implement numerous environmental aspects and Audi’s environmental policy at all levels down as far as the assembly line.

More about environmental protection

Audi Forum Beijing

Audi opened the first Audi Forum in Asia in the renowned Beijing Oriental Plaza business and commercial centre in 2003. Barely a stone’s throw from the Gate of Heavenly Peace, the Audi brand is vividly evoked through attractive exhibits, an exclusive lounge and the quattro boutique on an area measuring 1,000 m2.