The production site

Győr at a glance

At the Hungarian plant in Győr, AUDI HUNGARIA MOTOR Kft. develops and manufactures engines for AUDI AG and other companies of the Volkswagen Group. In partnership with the Ingolstadt plant it also assembles the Audi TT Coupé, the Audi TT Roadster, the Audi A3 Cabriolet and the Audi RS 3.

The founding of AUDI HUNGARIA MOTOR Kft. in 1993 marked the start of construction work on one of the world’s most modern high-tech plants. The company has since developed into one of the country’s major exporters and highest-revenue businesses. Last year, Audi Hungaria produced a total of 1,648,030 engines and 38,541 cars. The transport of components between Győr and Ingolstadt by rail is environmentally friendly.

Technical Development – state-of-the-art testing technology

At the heart of the 5,000 m2 Technical Centre is the state-of-the-art test rig building. A second construction phase in 2004 doubled both its testing capacity and the number of people who work there. The Engine Development Centre supports engine production with on-site development activities accompanying production. It works for both the engine production area at Audi Hungaria and the engine development operations of AUDI AG.

Production technology and logistics

Thanks to the process chain focus of production and logistics operations, the machined parts leave the line at the precise point at which they are required for assembling the engine. The shipping of materials and engines between Győr and Ingolstadt takes place mainly by rail. 17 train pairs a week run the route. The result is very rapid transit times and environmentally friendly, low-cost transport.

Engine production – almost the entire range

Almost the entire Audi engine range is now built at Győr. Each year, over one million four-cylinder petrol and diesel engines leave the Győr production lines, along with more than 350,000 engines with five, six, ten and twelve cylinders. The Engine Startup Centre in Győr has also been building experimental engines since March 2010.

Vehicle assembly – genuine teamwork

The Győr plant has been building the various models of the Audi TT since 1998. The Audi TT is a genuine collaborative effort: the body shop and paint shop are located at the Audi Ingolstadt plant, and vehicle assembly takes place in a 35,000 m2 hall at the Győr plant. Between April 2001 and April 2003, 36,458 units of the Audi A3 and Audi S3 were also built at Győr. Assembly of the Audi A3 Cabriolet started there in November 2007. Audi Hungaria had built 513,836 cars at Győr up until the end of 2010.

Toolmaking – body components for top models

In mid-2005 the Győr toolmaking shop started pilot production of body components, initially for the Audi RS 4, one year later for the Audi R8, from 2008 for the Audi RS 6 and then from 2010 on for the sixth Audi model – the Audi RS 5.

Sustainability and environmental protection

As a modern company, AUDI HUNGARIA MOTOR Kft. shares responsibility for the environment, society, the economy and its employees. The EMAS-based environmental management system, which is revalidated annually, was introduced back in 1999. Since 2002, ISO 14001 has been complied with. An energy management system to EN 16001 is in preparation. Audi Hungaria has received multiple awards for its pioneering role in the domain of environmental protection, including the European Union’s EMAS Award, the Ökoprofit award and the Central European Environmental Reporting Award.

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