Volkswagen Finance offers flexible schemes, attractive interest rates, and quick & hassle-free application process to make your dream of owning your favourite Audi a reality

At the same time, we ensure that the repayment terms are equally convenient for you.

• Repayment tenure ranges from 1 year to 5 years for new car loans.

• You can make the payments through Post-Dated Cheques (PDCs)

• Option to pay overdue via Paytm

• In case of change in repayment mode, a nominal fee of Rs. 500/- (swap charges) would be charged for exchange of mode of payment along with either new set of PDC or ECS mandate.

• All cheques should meet the CTS 2010 Standards


* Under the joint trade name "Volkswagen Financial Services" the subsidiaries of Volkswagen Financial Services AG provide the aforesaid services. Financial Services are offered by Volkswagen Finance Private Limited. Leasing, Insurance and Mobility Services are offered by Volkswagen Finance Private Limited in cooperation with third parties.