Service Charges

Nature of Services / Facilities / Permissions

Charges (INR)

Loan Processing Fees

a) If loan amount <=5 lacs   -                        Rs 3379

b) If loan amount > 5 lacs & <=10 lacs   -   Rs 3887

c) If loan amount > 10 lacs   -                       Rs 4565

d) Documentation Charges   -                      Rs 350

e) Goods & Service Tax   -                             18%

Change of personal information


Change of correspondence address


Copy of Full set of Agreement( on client's request)

Rs. 200

Change in contract tenure  ( Reschedulement and cycle date change)

Rs. 5,000

Change in Agreement or addendum to Agreement( Constitutional change- Non Monetary change)

Rs. 2,500

Withdrawal or Loan cancelation charges

Rs. 5,000

Consent letter for Inter State RC transfer

Rs. 1,000

Repayment schedule / Statement of Loan A/c on borrowers request

Rs. 250

Change or addition of guarantor

Rs. 5,000

Post closure duplicate Issue of NOC

Rs. 1,000

Documentation charges

Rs. 350

NOC for commercial to personal usage

Rs. 2,000


Rs. 2,000

NOC private to commercial usage

Rs. 5,000

Interest On default payments

0.1% per day  plus applicable taxes

Charges per cheque / ESC mandate bounce

Rs. 500 per instance

Cheque / repayment mode swap charge

Rs. 500

Cheque re-presentation charges

Rs. 500

Full prepayment charges (Effective 18/4/2013)

a) If within 24 months -  3% on outstanding principal amount

b) If after 24 months - 1.5% on outstanding principal amount

Part Payment

Allowed only twice in entire loan tenure, prepayment amount should not be less than the amount equivalent to 3 EMIs. For processing such part prepayment request 2% part prepayment charges shall be levied on said part payment amount.

Legal, repossession and incidental charges

At actual

Stamp duty charges

At actual


* Under the joint trade name "ŠKODA AUTO Volkswagen India Private Limited (SAVWIPL)" the subsidiaries of ŠKODA AUTO Volkswagen India Private Limited (SAVWIPL) AG provide the aforesaid services. Financial Services are offered by ŠKODA AUTO Volkswagen India Private Limited (SAVWIPL). Leasing, Insurance and Mobility Services are offered by ŠKODA AUTO Volkswagen India Private Limited (SAVWIPL) in cooperation with third parties.