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Audi Service Plan

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Audi Service Plan is about much more than saving and convenience. It delivers the extensive technical training, most up-to-date diagnostic tools and the use of Audi Genuine Parts to help maintain the original performance and integrity of your Audi. This premier service helps ensure you receive the most from your Audi experience. The best way to keep your Audi performing at its peak is to make sure all your maintenance is performed as scheduled. And the best way to do that is to choose Audi Service Plan today Customers can purchase the Audi CarLife - Audi Service Plans through Audi authorized dealerships at the time of purchase of a new vehicle or maximum up to 6 months/10,000 kms from the date of delivery of the new vehicle.

Please contact your nearest dealers for available options.

Best Protection for your investments

Audi Service Plan is the most economical and convenient way to ensure that your Audi gets the service it deserves and to help avoid expensive repairs. A well-maintained vehicle typically earns higher resale value. Audi Service Plan offers you these benefits.

• Convenience: Audi Services Plans are honored at all authorized Audi dealerships.

• Audi Trained Technicians: Because they know your Audi best, they can spot potential problems during regular services that others might miss.

• Audi Genuine Parts: replacement of Audi Genuine Parts which will help to maintain your vehicle’s reliability and value.

• Enhanced resale value: Properly maintained vehicles typically earn higher resale value.

• Transferable: If you sell your Audi, Audi Services Plan is transferable to the new owner thereby helping to boost the resale value.

• Price protection: Pre-payment of schedule service ensures that you are protected from future parts and service increases.

• Affordable flexibility: With a variety of time and mileage options and range of services plans, you can choose the service plan that suits your individual needs and driving habits

Additional Audi Service Plan details

• All scheduled maintenance must be completed by an authorized Audi dealer.

• Audi Service plan cannot be cancelled and is non-refundable

• Audi Service plan is transferrable form one customer to another but you cannot transfer coverage to another new or pre-owned vehicle. Any remaining coverage stays with the vehicle.

• Finance option for Audi Service Plan is available only at the time of purchase of new vehicle.

Please contact your nearest dealer for available options.
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