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Your RS 7 Sportback performance

Puristic power

Twin-turbo, 4.0-liter V8 TFSI® engine pushing 605 hp and 553 lb-ft of torque. Crosstown or interstate, the Audi RS7 performance is a thriller behind the steering wheel.

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4.0 TFSI

4.0 TFSI quattro tiptronic

0.00 INR

  • 3.7 Seconds
  • 3993 cm3
  • 750 @ 2500 - 5500 (overboost) 
  • 445 kW (605 PS)

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  • Acceleration
  • Displacement
  • Max. Torque
  • Horsepower
Sporty driving mode: The models from quattro GmbH are designed and manufactured to operate on public roads. In comparison to driving on roads, significantly higher vehicle loads occur during the use of the cars on racetracks or other enclosed courses, (e.g. during driver training, driving training courses, track days). The engine, transmission, clutch and drive train in particular as well as the suspension, brakes and tyres are put under significant stress. This can lead to increased wear and tear. Information about the special load characteristics when using your vehicle on racetracks or other enclosed courses can be found in the on-board literature or by contacting your Audi partner.