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Audi Connect App | Driver Assistance | Audi India

myAudi Connect

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myAudi Connect App

Your phone is now your car

This Application represents the digital connection between driver and vehicle. It bundles all elements that use online connectivity with the vehicle to provide you with real-time information.

To use these services, existing Audi owners need to download and activate the ‘myAudi Connect’ app on their smartphone. They can create their ‘myAudi Connect’ account easily via the ‘myAudi Connect’ App.

Divided under five key headings-the App brings the customer Safety & Security, Driver’s Behavior, Lifestyle, Geo Location and Utility.

One app "All Things Audi"

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    Safety & Security

    - SOS -Emergency Contacts
    - Roadside Assistance
    - Boundary / Curfew Alerts
    - Disturbance Alert

  • Drivers_Behavior_347x195.jpg
    Drivers Behavior

    - Trip Analysis
    - Hard Braking
    - Hard Accelerations
    - Sharp Turns
    - Gamification
    - Idling alert

  • Lifestyle_347x195.jpg

    - Audi Concierge Desk Access
    - Audi Club India access
    - Partner Offers
    - Dedicated news feed
    - Audi Club India Members Feed
    - Help Desk and Feedback
    - Audi Shop Access

  • Geo-location.jpg
    Geo Location

    - Car Live Location
    - All Trip Data
    - Tow Alerts

  • Utility_347x195.jpg

    - Service Booking
    - Service History
    - Vehicle Health
    - Virtual Showroom
    - Test Drive Requests

Some of the key features include:
• Live location and trip planning feature offers a way for the user to know where he has been, where he is or how he headed to a specific spot.
• Boundary settings and curfews setting feature helps customer in marking safe zones for the family and car.
• Vehicle Health feature enables customers to know and keep track of their Audi’s health at all times through Audi’s vehicle health feature.
•Tow Alert helps the customers in getting an alert immediately if the car is being towed. The app also informs customers on where exactly has the car been towed to.
• The Disturbance Alert feature alerts customers on any kind of disturbance when the car is not in use.
• There is also a Notification of Alerts feature that keeps track of all the notifications related to the car so that customer can review it any time.
The App is a good tool for fleet management too which helps customers with more than one Audi car to manage all their cars through the App.