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myAudi Connect

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I. myAudi Connect FAQ


1. Is the myAudi Connect available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store?

2.Will the myAudi Connect system be offered as standard fitment or as an accessory, then can it be installed on any variant of the specified model?
It’s being sold as an accessory for older and new models.

3. How can I book my car for service through the app?
Simply select the schedule service page from the hamburger menu and navigate through it by selecting the desired criteria and options.

4.Does the GPS use Google Maps or is it some other map service?
Yes , the GPS uses google maps

5.Is it a Plug and Play device?
No, Plug and Play devices can be removed easily and hence are not as secure. myAudi Connect is installed/ connected to the OBD-II port internally and is therefore, more secure.

6.Can the software be corrupted?
No, there is no direct access to the device software through external sources like a USB, SD Card, Wi-Fi, etc.

7.Can customer details be compromised?
Your data is absolutely safe and secure with our advanced security firewalls and safeguards. Our cloud cyber security operates on the secure AWS platform.

8.Who are Emergency Contacts?
Family members and close friends of the primary user should be assigned as Emergency Contacts. The user can add up to a maximum of five emergency contacts with whom the user is comfortable sharing their vehicle's whereabouts.

9.How many Emergency Contacts can be added?
You can add up to a maximum of 5 emergency contacts.

10.Is this unit connected to the car battery?
The device is not connected to the car battery directly. It draws battery power through the OBD port

11.If the battery drains, how does the device work?
The device needs to be connected to car battery at all times to function. In case of drainage, the device will resume functioning only after the battery is recharged.

12.Is the device SIM dependent, Phone dependent or User Login dependent?
This device comes with a smartphone App for the user. The App can be installed using login credentials. Hence, it is not SIM/Network dependent or Phone dependent.

13.We operate with a specific service provider, what happens if we go to another area where the same service provider is not present
The device works similarly to a mobile phone that switches networks automatically.

14.Where is the data stored?
All the data is stored on secure AWS servers.

15.Can we export the information provided by the App outside the App?
No, all data will be saved and accessed through the App only.

16.What are the documents required for purchasing this device?
Valid Vehicle Registration Certificate/Vehicle Invoice (in case Registration Certificate is under process)

17. How long does it take to install the device?
Approximately 20-25 minutes.

18.What is the activation time for the device?
The device is activated instantly however, the sim card that is responsible for relaying data gets activated within 4-5 hours.

19.Is the device associated with the VIN number and Chassis number?
Yes, it is associated with only the VIN number.

20. What is the bookmarks option in the app?
You can bookmark your most frequently visited locations for ease of navigation during trip planning. You can bookmark a location from the vehicle current location page.

21.Is the unit covered under warranty?
Yes, the device comes with a 3-year warranty.

22.Does the unit require service and maintenance?
No, it doesn’t require any service or maintenance.

23.What is the price and time period for renewal?
The price of the device is INR 19999. This price includes the cost of the device, 3-year subscription & applicable taxes.

24.Is the device physically visible?
No, this device comes with a Smartphone App for the customers.

25.Can the device be switched off?
Once installed, it’s on owner discretion to switch off the device. The device can be removed in the nearest dealership and can also be removed from the delete device option in the app.

26.Do I need to pay separate charges for the App?
No, it is free to download from the Play Store and App Store.

27.What is the role of call centre in case of car assistance
The user can connect to our call centre for any assistance related to their vehicle myAudi Connect.

28.Can Non-Connect car user be made an Emergency Contact?
Yes, anybody from your friends and family can be assigned as Emergency Contact.

29.Is it covered under insurance?
No, the device is not covered under insurance.

30.Can the service provider be manually selected in regions where we don’t get 3G/4G connectivity?
The device works on 3G/4G/LTE spectrum. For the app to work on phone, it requires data connection irrespective of service provider.

31.Where can you buy the product from?
It will be available across all Audi showrooms.

32.What facility will I get?
myAudi Connect is a technology that integrates your car into your connected lifestyle. It provides you with near real-time information about your vehicle’s location, driving behaviour & vehicle diagnostics and performance.

33.Is this device free or chargeable?
It will be an additional purchase. The price of the device is INR 19999. This price includes the cost of the device, 3-year subscription & applicable taxes.

34.Does this device have any installation charges?
No, the installation will be provided free of cost along with the purchase of the product.

35.What are the safety benefits?
myAudi Connect comes with a host of safety features from tracking your car to geo-fencing. The device also sends preventive functional alerts & emergency notifications. Further, you can also track the live status of your car diagnostics as well as its precise location.

36.Will I get updates if someone else is driving the Car?
Yes, you can track location, route, speed and other details of your car if someone else is driving the vehicle.

37. Is it possible to experience myAudi Connect before making the purchase?
Yes, an authorised Audi dealership can show you a live demo of myAudi Connect. Please contact your nearest Audi dealership.

38.Is myAudi Connect available for all the models of Audi?
After Model year 2011 , myAudi connect can be installed on all Audi cars.

39. Does Audi India take any guarantee of my safety?
myAudi Connect endeavours to empower you with all the relevant information about your vehicle. While some alerts and calls are made by Audi India, further action on the same will be a choice made by the user.

40. Will my insurance premium reduce if I install myAudi Connect device in my car?
No, at present myAudi Connect endeavours to empowers you with relevant information about your car. This information is provided proactively and thereby results in improved driving experience. Besides it provides complete peace of mind through live tracking of your car.

41.When will the product be available in the market?
myAudi Connect is now available across all AUDI showrooms.

42.What technology is myAudi Connect using?
GNSS and GSM based connectivity solution.

43.There are already a lot of such devices available in the market then why should I spend money on myAudi Connect?
myAudi Connect provides a host of advantages over any other solution available in the market. myAudi Connect is an embedded and Audi certified device and therefore, it will be very difficult to remove/misuse the device. This is the first in the luxury segment.

44.In case of car assistance, what is the TAT for the Call Centre to call the customer or Emergency Contacts?
Call Centre will call immediately once the event is registered. The technician should reach at the earliest. However, it varies from location to location & depends on distance & traffic.

45. Does the device have an in-built memory?
Yes, the device has built in memory but only for processing the data and retaining data in case of low connectivity .

46.Will the warranty of device increase if the car’s warranty is extended till 5 years?
No, the warranty of device is independent of car’s warranty.

47. Will the customer be able to view the App in SmartPlay Infotainment System when connected via Android Auto or Apple CarPlay?
No, the customer can view the App on their smartphone.

48.Will the customer get an alert if there is a problem with SmartPlay Infotainment System?
No, the customer won’t receive any alert.

49.Will the system trigger the feature when vehicle is being serviced? Can the feature be turned off during service?
Notifications can be turned off by the user for the duration of service period.

50.Does the App always remain logged in?
Yes, if it is not logged out manually.

51. Can the user login from another mobile?
Yes. MyAudi Connect has no dependency on phone brands. Latest software version is recommended. Minimum requirements to run the application are mentioned below.
Mobile App – Supported Operating System Android and iOS
Mobile App - Android OS Version Last three versions: Marshmallow (6.0), Nougat (7.0), Oreo (8.0)
Minimum RAM : 1GB
Mobile App - iOS OS Version Last two versions: iOS 9.x, iOS 10.X

52.What happens if the car is stolen with the mobile still inside the car?
The car can still be tracked by logging into another phone (with eligible OS versions) through correct login details.

53.Will I be refunded in case I want to terminate the myAudi Connect subscription?
No refund shall be provided in the event of termination of myAudi Connect services.

54. Can the same customer shift an installed device from one car to another car?
Yes, provided the owner remains the same and the car is an Audi .

55. Once installed, can the unit be removed afterwards?
Yes, it can be removed as per user discretion

56.At the time of resale, can the new purchaser demand the data stored in the device pertaining to the previous owner?
It is on old user discretion on whether he/she wants to share the data with the new owner or not. It is the responsibility of the previous owner to complete all the formalities pertaining to transfer of ownership before the sale of vehicle.

57.How can the customer deactivate the device especially at the time of resale?
The customer has to visit the nearby dealership/workshop & complete all the formalities in order to deactivate the device. This can be done through the app as well by using “Delete Vehicle” option

58.What is the process of download and installation of MyAudi Connect?
MyAudi Connect will be available on both, Google Play Store & Apple App Store.

59. Does the App require data connection?
Yes, you need a working data connection for the App to work and to provide you accurate information on near real-time basis.

60.Does the App require any other App to be pre-installed for it to work?

61.How is the App updated?
User will receive an automatic update notification. It can be updated through the Google Play Store & the Apple App Store.

62.Will a user get any notification in case there is any tampering with the device or any data compromise?
If the device is disconnected from the car, user will get the 'Device Disconnected' alert.

63.Can the device be installed after the car is purchased?
Yes, the device can be purchased at any time.

64. If we deactivate the device, will the old data get deleted from the server?
Old data cannot be accessed after deactivation of device.

65. If we do not renew the device, will the data get deleted from the server?
No, it won’t.

66. What is Audi concierge and are the services free if I am a myAudi connect customer?
AUDI Concierge offers unparalleled privileges and benefits to myAudi Connect members that go beyond the ordinary. The concierge services are available to cater to your whims and fancies. You can avail the services to plan luxurious travel itineraries, gain access to iconic sports events, concerts, make fitness and lifestyle arrangements that includes rejuvenating spa and wellness related enquires or bookings. No, the service is not free of cost. Payment varies based on the services that have been opted for and are to be done directly to the concierge agency.

67. What kind of software and network do I need in my phone to use the App?
You will need any phone that has Android/iOS with compatible software version. You also need a working data connection in order to get information & alerts on your phone.

68. If a customer owns two AUDI cars, can he purchase two units on the same mobile number? Can he access both the data sets at once and how?
A user can register multiple units on the same mobile number. The user must keep adding the cars on the AUDI App. When the user clicks on the MyAudi Connect tab, the vehicle selection screen will appear. From there he can select the vehicle (in case of multiple vehicles with MyAudi Connect devices) to arrive at the landing page of the selected car.

Privacy Policy
Our complete Privacy Policy will be made available during activation of the App on the smartphone.

69. Is there an age restriction for MyAudi Connect policies?
No, any legally eligible car buyer (of the age of 18 and above) can use MyAudi Connect.

70.Will I be spied on by Audi India?
We respect your privacy and your data is absolutely safe and secure with our advanced firewalls and security systems.You can use this data for analysis of your driving habits and to keep a check on your vehicle.

71. If I over speed, will the police be informed?
No, Alerts are sent to users who are logged into the app for that particular user. However, if police raises a warrant we might have to provide the data, if applicable, in accordance with the prevailing law.

72.How would notifications and coordinates be shared with the user?
Through the App, SMS & Email for the App user. Only SMS for emergency contacts.

73. Since the Instant Alerts are sent during odd hours, is the support also available 24 hours?
Yes, the support is limited to working hours i.e. 9am. - 6pm..

74. How many Geo-Fences can be created? What is the max. distance of a Geo-Fence that can be set?
There is no limit on the number of Geo-Fences to be created and the maximum radius of 20 kms.

75.Does the Geo-Fence distance mention the radius or the diameter?
It mentions the radius.

76.What does the Driving Score signify?
Driver Score is calculated out of 100. It shows how the driver has fared on various driving parameters such as acceleration, speed, braking, idle duration, etc.

77.What is the logic of Tow-Away Alert?
Towing shall be detected based on the tilt of the vehicle & change in vehicle coordinates while the car’s ignition is off. (However in case of flatbed tow away mechanism, since vehicle tilt is very limited, tow away alert might not trigger).

78. If the car is stationary at a parking location with its engine switched off, how does the device work?
The system sees this as TRIP OFF therefore, only the last saved location and the vehicle details will be available. Every 4 hours, device wakes up and sends the current GPS location

79.If the car is at a location with limited or no network connectivity, will the device still track the car? Will the device also share information in this scenario?
The device needs to be in a good network zone for it to function. Also, a working data connection in phone is required to fetch information on the phone. No, the device will not share any information when there is low/no connectivity. Once device/phone returns to a network area the alerts will be triggered

80. In multi-level parking, can the App direct the customer to the spot where the vehicle is parked?
No. Currently, our map does not support parking level data.

81.What is the time duration for which the historical data can be accessed?
Data can be accessed up to the date of purchase.

82.In case of emergency, who all will receive the notifications and calls? How many emergency contacts can be added?
Up to 5 emergency contacts can be added.

83.Can the notification language be changed?
No, it cannot be changed.

84.The process of Trip counting include cases of Stalling, Accidental Turning off, Traffic Light Switch Off, etc. Are these already taken into account while considering a trip?
These factors are already considered and will not lead to a new Trip. However, in case the ignition is turned off during long hauls, it will account for a new trip.

85.What happens if the car is not driven/inactive for a month?
When a car is not driven, the device can share the vehicle data for a few days (duration depends on the vehicle’s battery condition) in power-saving mode. Beyond this duration, the device will intelligently switch to a self-shut mode to avoid further discharge of vehicle’s battery.

86.How many trips can be saved in the App?
There is no limit to the no. of trips..

87.What is the accuracy of data? What is the calculated margin of error?
Data is reasonably accurate. However, there might be error in certain instances due to poor network reception, GPS inaccuracies, etc.

88. At what rate is the data refreshed?
The data is updated in near real-time.

89. What is Driving Behaviour feature?
Driving Behaviour feature helps you analyse and improve your driving performance based on various parameters such as acceleration, speed, braking, driving duration, lane change etc.

90. Can the car still be stolen? And how can the car be tracked in case it is stolen?
Yes, the car can still be stolen. But myAudi Connect endeavours to empower you with all the relevant information via alerts. However, further action on the same will be a choice that you make. A vehicle can only be tracked as long as it is connected with the device. The device needs to be in a good network zone for it to function.

91. Can we align the speed limit of the car with the speed limit assigned in the Google Maps for various areas?
No, that’s not possible.

92.Can we compare the different trip reports?
Yes. Although, user inference is required.

93. Can the alert messages be customised?
No, the notification messages are preset.

94. What is the specified speed limit to trigger Over speeding Alert? Can I set any threshold value?
The specified speed limit range is 65- Km./hr to over 90km/hr

95. What should be the level of fuel for the Low Fuel Alert to be triggered?
Low Fuel Alert values for Petrol/Diesel are user-configurable at15%, 20%,25%. 30% and 35%.