SKODA AUTO Volkswagen Group in India

With an aim to be closer to strategic markets in the South East-Asia Pacific region, Skoda Auto VW Group established Skoda Auto India Private Limited (SAIPL) in the year 1999 for the assembly and sales of Skoda vehicles in India. To further strengthen its market share in Asia, The Group set up two new entities in the year 2007: Skoda Auto VW Group Sales India Private Limited (VWGSIPL) and Skoda Auto VW India Private Limited (VWIPL). In 2008, Skoda Auto VW Finance Private Limited (VWFPL) was formed as the 4th Skoda Auto VW Group company in India. The VWGSIPL is fully responsible for the brands Skoda Auto VW Passenger Cars, Audi, Porsche and Lamborghini in the areas of Sales, Marketing, After Sales, Dealer Network and Public Relations. VWFPL is the Finance entity which acts as an intermediary in arranging finance and insurance for Group cars.

Audi India

The Audi brand stands for sportiness, progressiveness and sophistication, as well as for people who live this philosophy.

Audi is represented in 110 countries worldwide and in India since the year 2004. Since then Audi has pioneered in offering segment first product and services making it the leading luxury automotive brand in the country.

In March 2007, Audi set up its own sales company for India. By establishing Audi India as a Division of Skoda Auto VW Group Sales India Pvt. Ltd. in Mumbai, Audi is making a clear long-term statement in the country with ambitious growths plans.

Currently there are no vacancies.

Audi Dealership