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The Audi Q3

Its progressive and sporty design makes the Audi Q3 a real eye catcher and highlights its distinctive SUV character. An urban type that is at home on any road or track. Powerful and agile. The new generation of powerful and efficient motors impresses with greater power and increased efficiency and offers ultimate driving pleasure.

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Audi Q3: Highlights

LED tail lights with dynamic blinker light

Modern LED technology with excellent road illumination. The daylight-like colour temperature of the optional Audi LED headlights counteracts eye fatigue. The LED tail lights with dynamic blinker light are a real eye-catcher, in that they send a striking signal with their easy-to-see blinker light sequence.
Space for your ideas

The Audi Q3s luggage compartment offers great freedom. For example it holds 460 litres in its normal set-up. By folding the split rear seats back, the volume can even be increased to up to 1,365 litres. Thanks to the extendable luggage compartment cover loading becomes a much more comfortable affair.

Interior space
Top quality to the last detail. And on request with a customised touch, thanks to fittings that raise your pulse as soon as you climb in. The front of the Audi Q3 also offers plenty of space for your ideas.

Configuration suggestions:

  • 2.0 TDI
  • S tronic
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