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Audi India Future
The character of design
Detailansicht A-Säule mit Marc Lichte.Detailansicht A-Säule mit Marc Lichte.

“In my almost 25-year career as a professional designer, I have given shape to a great many cars. This is definitely one of the most exciting show car projects I have ever had the pleasure of working on with my team.”


Side view of the Audi skysphere concept with open door.Side view of the Audi skysphere concept with open door.

“The Audi skysphere* is inspired by the Horch 853, a 1930s roadster that showcased exciting ideas about driving dynamics and comfort. Those two features are given a contemporary, cutting-edge treatment in today’s Audi skysphere*.”


The Audi skysphere viewed from the front.The Audi skysphere viewed from the front.

“This car offers a glimpse of the future because it lends visual and functional shape to the progressive technology behind autonomous driving. While the Audi skysphere* is a bona fide sports car, it morphs into an autonomously driven lounge in mere seconds.”


Designer Marc Lichte in front of the virtual exterior mirror.Designer Marc Lichte in front of the virtual exterior mirror.

“The Audi skysphere’s* proportions are simply breathtaking. With its large wheels, long wheelbase, exceedingly stretched, low bonnet but very short overhang and a speedster’s roofline, it’s an absolute dream."


Designer Marc Lichte next to the Audi skysphere concept.Designer Marc Lichte next to the Audi skysphere concept.

“Pairing a supremely muscular body with very elegant lines is the pièce de résistance because it’s such a progressive combination. You get an extremely sporty, athletic car that is also surprisingly sleek and elegant. The Audi skysphere* treats the roadster to a highly progressive reboot.”


The Audi skysphere concept in the virtual design process.

Digital design

The Audi skysphere concept* was created using a virtual design process.