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Audi Explanatory Videos | Audi India
Woman looks back over her shoulder from the passenger seat of an Audi e-tron Sportback

Audi explanatory videos

Whether you have just bought a new Audi or simply want to explore a new technology, with the explanatory videos from Audi you will learn everything you need to know. Simply summarised and clearly explained. Topics include infotainment and Audi connect, lighting, driver assist systems, operating elements, interior as well as charging of electric cars and plug-in hybrid vehicles.

Some footage shown on this page are for illustrative purposes only, may vary from market specification and may not be reflective of the stated from price.

Lighting packages

For better visibility and a more comfortable atmosphere: the Audi lighting packages. With the HD Matrix LED headlights you see more without dazzling oncoming traffic. The Audi laser light even extends the distance further if desired. The OLED rear lights are particularly visible and enable progressive lighting design. The following videos show you what other advantages the technologies bring and how they work.

Rear light of an Audi R8 RWD

Displays and controls

Your Audi offers you a wide range of options for controlling the digital and analogue systems. Of course, the focus is particularly on the built-in displays, which also show all the information about the vehicle. All important settings are always at your fingertips via controls on the steering wheel and centre console. The following videos about the Audi displays and controls show which these are and how you can easily reach them.

Driver operates the MMI system in the Audi RS Q3


The Audi interior is your space, your comfort zone in the vehicle. There are numerous extras and settings available to tailor it to you in the best possible way. With a choice of steering wheels and seats you have the option of designing the interior to suit your personal preferences. The following videos show you the special features that are available.

The cockpit of the Audi RS Q8 in red Contour/ambient lighting