Audi celebrates 15 glorious years in India

22nd June 2022

Audi India launches Audi Club Rewards - offers segment-first luxury experiences and privileges

• One-of-a-kind rewards program in which every interaction with the brand and partner brands is rewarded
• Customers accrue points on their spends and can redeem these points on any future services and purchases hassle-free with a single click
• Segment-first welcome privileges: Starting from day 1 of joining the Audi Club Rewards program with privilege reward points & exclusive partner vouchers
• Earn Reward Points: Earn points with every engagement/ interaction with Audi product, service, shop, exchange, partner services and more
• Earn with Referral: Refer a friend through the ‘Refer’ section of the program and get accelerated reward points
• Experience Rewards: Redeem reward points on Audi products and services combined with exclusive luxury privilege partner benefits
• Segment-first partner privileges: Be the first to experience the ultimate luxury through Audi Concierge-led curated experiences, exclusive holidays, luxury shopping, and beyond
• Segment-first partner Audi lifestyle Advantage: Look forward to being pampered with exclusive privileges and specially curated experiences
• Partner privilege with brands including Mont Blanc, Truefitt & Hill, Oberoi Hotels, Luxury Charters by Avion Prive and more
• Audi Product and Service Advantage: Access to a host of member exclusive products and services
• The program in its current format is open to all existing owners (including Audi Approved:plus) and future customers of Audi India

Mumbai, June 22, 2022: Audi, the German luxury car manufacturer, today announced a one-of-a-kind rewards program - Audi Club Rewards for customers in India. Audi Club Rewards offers exclusive access, segment-first privileges and bespoke experiences. Audi Club Rewards is open to all existing owners (including Audi Approved: plus owners) and future customers of Audi India.

Mr. Balbir Singh Dhillon, Head of Audi India, said, “Today, we are taking forward our human-centric strategy with the launch of a segment-first, loyalty program for our customers – Audi Club Rewards. Audi Club Rewards offers unique experiences, partner privileges, reward points and much more. At Audi India, we are expanding beyond products, to become a lifestyle service provider. We are enhancing the ownership experience for our customers and with Audi Club Rewards’ segment-first privileges, we are setting benchmarks in the luxury automobile segment. We are confident that our customers can look forward to rewarding luxury experiences.”

Mr. Dhillon further added, “Audi India has been making steady inroads into the services space over the last few years with engaging lifestyle initiatives like the Audi Concierge (for anything luxury beyond the car, call Audi Concierge) and several engagement campaigns on the ‘myAudi Connect’ application. In the space of loyalty programs, we have run pilots in different geographies over the last year, and these have revealed that customers are always on the lookout for rewarding experiences. True to our name, we have listened and developed this unique amalgamation of rewards, encompassing car-related services and lifestyle experiences.”

With Audi Club Rewards, customers get access to a world of luxury privileges and experiences.

These include:

• Welcome Privileges – Existing owners, new car buyers & used car buyers via (Audi Approved: plus) all receive privilege, welcome reward points and exclusive partner vouchers from day 1 of joining the Audi Club Rewards program.

• Earning Rewards @ Audi – Customers can earn Audi reward points every time they buy a product (this includes, merchandise, accessories, car life products like service packages and Extended Warranty), get a service from an authorized service center or showroom, shop online at Audi Shop, exchange or upgrade an existing Audi, purchase partner products & services from ‘myAudi Connect’, and lots more.

• Earning Rewards @ Partners – Partner services and products including golfing, luxury hospitality & travel, gifting, accessories, multi-brand retail and more; purchases from the ‘myAudi Connect’ application will brings benefits in the form of Audi Club Rewards. Customers can earn points up to 15% of purchase value in the form of Audi Club Rewards on online purchases with listed partner brands.

• Referral Rewards – Customers can have accelerated earnings by referring a friend through the ‘myAudi Connect’ Application. The referral system is completely digital & hassle-free with the generation of referral links on one click which can be shared with the referee on a messaging platform of choice including WhatsApp, Instagram, text message or email. The system also provides transparency to the referrer on whether the referee has gone ahead and taken a test drive or has purchased an Audi.

• Redeem Points – Audi customers can redeem reward points on an array of Audi India products, services or exclusive luxury partner benefits.

• Partner Benefits/Privileges – Customers can experience unparalleled luxury through Audi Concierge-led curated experiences, exclusive holidays, luxury shopping and more. This may include staying at an exclusive hospitality partner property or travelling in style in a cruise or private jet. Some of the listed partner brands include Truefitt & Hill, Oberoi Hotels, Mont Blanc, Luxury Charters by Avion Prive and many more.

• Audi Product & Service Advantage: Customers get access to a host of exclusive member products and services with the advantage of a simple transparent view of the rewards earned on the ‘myAudi Connect’ application which can be utilized on any Audi India product or service purchase. Audi Club Rewards members get exclusive previews and access to the latest campaigns and offers.
myAudi Connect

Audi India customers can login to the ‘myAudi Connect’ App and register to be a part of Audi Club Rewards. Scan the QR code to know more.