Audi A4 & A6

The safety and comfort of our customers and long-term service life of our vehicles remain our top priorities at Audi. To ensure the same we conduct a programme to constantly monitor the quality of our products.

Air Bag component manufacturer ‘TAKATA’ has observed that associated gas generator housing of the front passenger airbag assembly may burst on vehicles manufactured within a limited period. As a result, small metal parts could become dislodged from the housing and pose a risk of injury to vehicle occupants. Hence, Audi India has initiated a campaign to replace the affected components of the Air Bag System on its vehicles.

In order to give our customers the best of Audi experience, Audi Authorized Dealers will get in touch with 2485 customers of Audi A4 / A6 across India and schedule an appointment at their workshop replacing TAKATA passenger airbag.

The activity is specific to 2485 cars of Audi A4 / A6, which were manufactured from 2005 up to and including 2011.

The upgrade process would take approximately Two hours and will, of course, be performed free of charge to customer.